Individual Tour

Itinerary: Terraces
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English


The Rooftpots of the Duomo are a unique landmark in the Italian scene. Like stalagmites made of stone stretching out towards the sky, the spires soar from the beautiful Cathedral made of marble.
Every architectural, decorative, structural or ornamental detail carries a special legacy dictated by the sculpting tradition which was passed down by expert sculptors who dedicate their time to taking care of every detail.

What to know

  • Fast-Track Guided Tour with Priority Access
  • Access to the Terraces by lift. Descent is only possible by stairs
  • The price of the service includes the guided tour, the Rooftops ticket and radio headset

Visit info

Limited accessibility
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24€ / 15€ / 14€

Visit duration: 60 minutes
From June WEDNESDAY also

Visit duration: 60 minutes